Bartise From "Love Is Blind" Just Opened Up About His Baby Mama For The First Time

If you're a fan of Love Is Blind, you were probably shocked when Bartise Bowden recently revealed he was a dad.

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Considering the fact that Bartise had just appeared on another Netflix dating show called Perfect Match, fans had a lot of questions.

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And while Bartise has kept the details of his relationship with his baby mama on the DL for quite a while, he's finally explaining how it all happened.

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On the newest episode of his Talk'R podcast, Bartise shared that he, at first, wanted to keep everything private because it was "safest" for everyone involved.

"I wish the public had a little bit more of an appreciation for people's private life," Bartise said. "There's a difference between privacy and secrecy."

He continued, "I wanted to keep my private life as private as I need it to be or I needed it to be for my son and for my baby mama and for everybody involved in my whole circle."

As for the timeline of how it all played out, Bartise admits it probably "doesn't make sense" on camera.

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"What actually happened was, I filmed Love Is Blind. I actually had a whole relationship between filming Love Is Blind and Perfect Match," he revealed.

Bartise added, "Filmed Perfect Match, came back, conceived a son. Perfect Match had not been out yet, had not aired, so I knew if I were to make the announcement that I had a son before Perfect Match aired, it's gonna make no sense to anybody."

While Bartise is currently in a relationship, he says he's "not dating" his baby mama, who wants to stay out of the public eye.

"We're friends. I say this all the time, 'We're single parenting and co-parenting all the time,'" Bartise explained.

A closeup of Bartise
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"I'll hang out with my son alone. I hang out with his mom alone. We'll hang out the three of us together," he shared. "I'll hang out with her family. We're very involved together and separately, which is beautiful, and I wouldn't want it any other way given our circumstances."

Bartise added that he's "so proud of the relationship" that the family has created and has found fatherhood "incredible" so far.

You can hear all that Bartise had to say here.