The ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4 Cast Is Ready for Love

love is blind season 4 netflix
The 'Love Is Blind' Season 4 Cast Is HereNetflix

Move over, The Bachelor. If there's one aspect of TV that streaming services have seemingly impacted forever, it's dating reality shows. And Netflix's Love Is Blind in particular is one of the more popular examples of a show that's perfect for binging.

Each season is filmed in a new city and features a large group of singles who undergo a mix between speed-dating and blind dates until they decide who they want to pair up with (and get engaged to). Of those who pair up, the show focuses on a handful of couples. Viewers get to watch as the couples meet for the first time in real life, introduce each other to their families, and plan for their upcoming wedding. Of course, like in most dating reality shows, love is never, ever that easy.

As anyone who dates in the modern world can tell you, it takes more than a few dates to know if someone is right for you. Love Is Blind's fast-tracked dating is perfect for TV though, as contestants often have dramatic fallouts when minor annoyances later become red flags, or people realize their partners are not who they seem to be. That all culminates in a high-pressure wedding, one where viewers wait with bated breath to see which contestants say "I do" at the altar, and which walk away from the whole ceremony.

Fresh off of a much talked about Season 3, Love Is Blind is back for Season 4. Here's what you need to know about the new cast.

Love Is Blind Season 4 Cast

Amber, 34

amber love is blind season 4

This flight attendant is looking for a guy who likes to travel and is "intelligent and confident," according to Marie Claire. Her turnoffs are anyone who are messy or selfish.

April, 29

april love is blind season 4

April is a sales and marketing coordinator who wants an older, successful guy with good manners.

Ava, 32

ava lib 4

Ava's dating pet peeve is a guy who doesn't floss. She wants a guy who's all in after she had to settle in a previous relationship.

Bill, 33

bill lib 4

This real estate investor is looking for more than a "surface-level" relationship.

Bliss, 33

bliss lib

Bliss is a senior program manager looking for a guy who loves her for more than just her looks.

Brandie, 39

brandie lib 4

When she's not working as a real estate broker, Brandie likes to spend her time meditating. She's looking for an honest person to pair up with.

Brett, 36

brett lib

Brett touts himself as "a good listener" and is looking for a "successful, independent and strong woman."

Chelsea, 31

chelsea lib

Chelsea is looking for a "momma's boy" she can grow old with. The pediatric speech language pathologist admits her worst habit is tardiness.

Chris, 32

chris lib 4

This technical recruiter is looking for a "smart, funny, and athletic" soulmate.

Conner, 28

love is blind 4 connor

Conner is looking for a God-loving woman who's "family-oriented."

Irina, 26

irina love is blind

Irina is a business owner whose worst habit is interrupting people when they're speaking. She's looking for a partner who's ready to be her best friend and is "driven, creative, and passionate."

Jack, 30

jack love is blind 4

Jack works in software sales and is looking for a woman who's ready to be a "great mom." He also wants someone who's "not too full of themselves."

Jackelina, 27

jackelina love is blind 4

Jackelina is a certified dental assistant ready for love, but wants to avoid anyone who thinks too highly of themselves.

Jimmy, 29

jimmy love is blind

Jimmy wants to find a partner and avoid judging others too quickly, which he did in the past.

Josh, 31

josh love is blind

Josh is hoping to find someone who's "down to Earth" and who doesn't mind his competitive nature.

Josh "JP", 30

jp love is blind

JP is a plant operations director who is turned off by someone who is "immature" or "unwilling to communicate."

Juan, 30

juan love is blind

Juan wants a woman with "the full package," who is "trustworthy, caring, and smart."

Kacia, 31

kacia love is blind

Kacia wants the classic "tall, dark, and handsome man" who can give her a sense of security.

Kendra, 33

kendra love is blind

Kendra doesn't like "unreliable men" and is instead looking for someone thoughtful.

Kwame, 33

kwame love is blind 4

Kwame is tired of the never ending cycle of modern dating, and is ready for a serious partner.

Marshall, 27

marshall love is blind

Marshall's worst habit is perfectionism, and he's looking for a "deep mental and emotional connection" with someone.

Micah, 27

micah love is blind

Micah tends to romanticize guys, but she's on Love Is Blind to find a career-oriented partner who wants to have fun.

Molly, 32

molly love is blind

Molly's ideal man is a "successful frat guy" ready to sweep her off her feet.

Monica, 31

monica love is blind

Monica is an elementary school teacher who wants a man who makes her feel safe and accepted.

Paul, 29

paul love is blind

Paul wants a "nurturing" woman, but has to fight his worst dating habit of "getting bored" easily.

Quincy, 36

quincy love is blind

Gym owner Quincy is turned off by attention seeking behavior and is looking for a "balanced, motivated, and caring" woman.

Ryland, 29

ryland love is blind

Ryland isn't a fan of how casual modern dating has become, and he's looking for a woman he can call his "teammate."

Tiffany, 37

tiffany love is blind

Tiffany wants a guy who's willing to take initiative and is turned off by guys who "crave a lot of time and attention."

Wendi, 28

wendi love is blind

Wendi is an aerospace engineer who wants a guy who has "compassion, commitment, and energy."

Zack, 31

zack love is blind

A criminal defense attorney, Zack is looking for someone to have intellectual conversations with, and who doesn't mind that his worst habit is arguing for fun.

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