Love Is Blind Season 3: Are Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden Still Together?

Netflix’s Love Is Blind may have created a handful of relationships, but its track record isn’t exactly an endorsement for the pods as a dating service. That said, we’re always rooting for some of these sexy singles to find a way to work it out! 

Notice we didn’t say all of these sexy singles. Bartise Bowden and Nancy Rodriguez were one of those couples who probably wouldn’t have connected outside the pods, and for good reason. He was a little younger than Nancy was looking for, and he had a toxic habit of reminding her that she wasn’t the type of girl who always caught his eye. 

Thanks to the magic of reality TV, they got together…eventually. Did they stay that way? Let’s check in.

(PS: We also checked in with Matt and Colleen, SK and Raven, Cole and Zanab, and Brennon and Alexa.)

Who are they?

Bartise Bowden, a 27-year-old analyst, is clearly a gym bro; most of his Instagram is him getting a pump on. Or his party on.

Nancy Rodriguez, 32, meanwhile, is a proud Mexicana real estate investor who loves Selena. (Don’t we all?)

What went down on the show?

Nancy was kind enough to dump weirdo Andrew, leading to that viral eye drops moment, while Bartise initially pursued things with Raven.

Eventually Nancy decided to overlook Bartise’s youth, and the two coupled up. Buuuut when Bartise saw Raven IRL, he started to think about what might have been, especially because Raven and SK hadn’t, ahem, sealed the deal. Plus, SK’s not a gym rat like Bartise and Raven, a Pilates instructor. Drama!

Did they get married?

More drama: Nancy was ready to wed Bartise, but he said no at the altar. Bartise made a lame offer to continue their relationship despite not getting married, but Nancy said she wasn’t interested in backtracking. 

But are they still together?

Before the reunion episode aired, Bartise and Nancy played it very close to the vest. After the first episodes of Love Is Blind season 3 came out, Bartise posted a picture on Instagram with the famous golden cup, writing, “Everybody been asking to see my left hand….” and cropping out said hand. 

Nancy, on the other hand (or maybe on the left hand?), is definitely still in a relationship she started on the show…her friendships with the other girls. On Instagram she’s posted the ladies only.

Once the reunion episode aired, it became clear there would be no rekindling of this relationship. There was even a claim that Bartise had moved in with another woman just days after the wedding.

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