Love Is Blind Season 3: Are Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed Still Together?

A little ditty ’bout Matt and Colleen…

On Love Is Blind season 3, one of the younger couples out of the pods was Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed, who both professed to be a little, um, shallow, as 20-somethings often are. But sometimes things that start in the shallow end move deeper in the, uh, pool of love? After all, getting over the superficiality we all deal with is kind of what Love Is Blind is for.

Matt and Colleen might have had a tougher time with the “pods” of it all than others, but every couple has their ups and downs, right? From hookups to breakups, here’s what happened with Matt and Colleen, including whether or not they’re still together…

(PS: We also checked in with Nancy and Bartise, SK and Raven, Cole and Zanab, and Brennon and Alexa.)

Who are they?

Colleen, 26, works in digital PR…and also dances ballet! She seems to be loving every minute of it. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of her performances and parties with friends. As of October 25, she’s only posted about the show twice. Keeping things personal or disappointed with the journey?

Matt is even less online. Maybe they’re too Zoomer for it and I should check TikTok! The 28-year-old sells private jets (sir, the climate!) and likes hangin’ with the boys as much as Colleen likes hangin’ with the girls.

What went down on the show?

Oh, Colleen, Colleen, Colleen. Fell for Cole. Then Brennon. Then they both dumped her. Then she fell for Matt. Then there was that conversation with Cole in the pool. Shallow end, of course. She talked about her desire to keep conversations light and her struggle to connect with guys on a personality level. And when she and Cole admitted their mutual interest, it was, perhaps typically, all about looks. Then there’s Matt, just sunburning away on the side, until Cole straight-up “jokes” that they should swap girls.

On the other hand, Colleen and Matt both think the sex was good.

Did they get married?

Both Matt and Colleen said yes at the altar. 

But are they still together?

Yes, but. Colleen and Matt have remained married since they wedding was filmed in June 2021, but they revealed during the reunion episode that they don’t live together. They said they plan to do so in the future, but maybe watch this space. 

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