Love is Blind Gets Video Game

With the launch of the new Love is Blind video game, you can now see what happens when you enter The Pod. Will you meet your soulmate, or be forced off the show in disgrace? Anything can happen.

The downloadable game is free for all Netflix subscribers. It’s set to debut September 19, a few days before the show’s fifth season premieres on September 22.

If you’ve not watched it, Love is Blind is a Netflix phenomenon. Each season, it follows several couples who ‘date’ through windowless pods. They’re not allowed to see each other until the climactic final day.

There have been four seasons so far, as well as international spinoffs such as Love is Blind: Sweden and Love is Blind Japan.

Thankfully, the game doesn’t demand quite the same level of dedication. It’s an interactive text adventure seeing you select one of three dialogue options with the aim of drumming up the romance. Develop it enough and you’ll be prompted for a make or break final call: propose, or sack them off. It’s your call.

There are no in-game adds, in-app purchases or extra fees, meaning you can crack on with the tricky process of finding a life partner without being able to see them.

There’s also what seems like a fairly rigorous character creator, letting you design your perfect human experiment subject with different hairstyles, outfits, and jewellery.

Check out the trailer below.