'Love is Blind' contestants serenading their dates were so 'cringe,' fans had to look away

The pods of Season Four of "Love Is Blind" which premiered on Netflix March 24, have brought many surprises. One cast member, Tiffany Pennywell, even fell asleep...while fellow her love Brett Brown proposed to her.

But there's another common trend in the pods amongst two of this season's this season's contestants: acoustic serenades.

In episode three, Kwame Appiah brings out his guitar while on a date with Chelsea Griffin.

"We're going to make a song right now," he tells her.

"OK," she responds laughing.

"Alright, so we'll call this one um...we'll call it 'Real Thing," he adds.

"I just want the real thing," Kwame starts singing as he plays the guitar. "I just want the real thing."

Chelsea joins in.

"I just want the real thing," the two of them continue singing together.

By the end, Chelsea is starry-eyed. "Oh my god, that was so good," she tells him. "I'm speechless right now.

And Kwame isn't the only one who used his vocals to try to woo his one true love. While proposing to Irina Solomonova, Zack Goytowski performs for her an acoustic, original song. (The two end up calling things off on the post-pods trip to Mexico.)

"You found me all alone...I found myself a Blarney Stone. Irina, you take my blues away. Irina, you take my blues away," he croons. "I love you. Forever and ever and ever...I do," he finishes, before getting down on one knee.

Despite Kwame and Zack's good intentions, Twitter users have a lot to say about Kwame and Zack's singing abilities. One user even wrote, "why do these men on love is blind keep singing I literally cannot cope."

“Why are they all singing on this season of Love Is Blind??” another user tweeted.

Other viewers specifically focused on Zack's song. One specifically said she had to step away from the TV when he started singing.

For another Twitter user, Zack singing was “the cringiest moment of secondhand embarrassment I’ve ever experienced in my life.”

Then, there are the users who point out that Kwame and Zack might not want to consider pursuing a career in the music industry.

"What is with all the bad singing on this season," one TikToker says, laughing. "

"Oh my god I'm so uncomfortable," she adds.

"I need people to stop singing on this show, love is blind is not where y’all are gonna get a record deal," another Twitter user adds.

But others thought Kwame and Zack's gesture was cute...regardless of singing ability.

As for the final verdict...well, we'll let you be the judge.

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