Lost Dog in Georgia Returns Home with the Sweetest Surprise


A family in Crawford County, Georgia lost their beloved Labrador-German Shepherd mix named Kota when their electric fence stopped working.

The family had given up hope that they would ever see their beloved dog again until they saw a Facebook post in September that led them to believe Kota had been found living behind someone's house.

The Keller family explained to 13WMaz that Kota " was there when they welcomed their first child into the world."

"She's very special to us. We got her as a puppy before we had kids or anything, so she was our baby pretty much," says Kellie Tuten, Kota's owner.

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Kota was found living in the woods behind a house but she wasn't alone, because the family discovered she had given birth to a litter of four puppies they found in a storm drain. The family has named the little pups Huck, Finn, Creek, and Bear.

The family also noted that their beloved Kota is a vastly different dog then she was before she went missing, "We had in our head that it would be like, oh Kota, and she would run and jump on us. It was not that way. You can tell she's very nervous and had to fend for herself," explained Tuten.

It makes sense that Kota is a bit skittish after being on her own for so long, but we are sure in time she will be back to her old trusting self again with some extra love and patience from her family. Such a wonderful happy ending to this story! Welcome home to you and your babies Kota!

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