Lost Colorado Dog Found in the Most Unlikely Spot Near Neighbor's Home

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A six-year-old Bernese/Labrador mix went missing in Colorado for an entire ten days and rescue efforts weren't turning up any clues, except for some paw prints in the snow they weren't even sure belonged to the dog, named Pepper.

It wasn't until one of the rescuers brought along his dog named Finn that they discovered Pepper in a pretty remarkable place.

The Facebook post explains that pepper went missing from her home on February 22. The family called the rescue a few hours later and their volunteers got to work with them. They sent them their standard search protocols- put out a scent station on their front porch (owner's dirty clothes and dog bed), set up cameras, made social media posts to spread awareness, hung neon signs in the neighborhood, and boots on the ground search. Flyers were also made and handed out to their neighbors for them to check their garages, decks, tree wells, any place that she could be stuck. The rescue explains that the snow is VERY deep down in Blue River with very high snowbanks.

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The rescue explains that they saw paw prints but never saw Pepper on the cameras they had set up and here is where this rescue gets super remarkable. The rescue posts on Facebook,

"Finally, on DAY 10, our volunteer Kevin and his dog Finn, who spent many days and hours searching, went down by the creek again to search. There was a lot of deep snow and fallen trees down there and not easy to get to, but Kevin’s dog Finn was very interested in this location. After further investigation, they saw that PEPPER WAS STUCK in a small area of the creek surrounded by steep snowbanks and taking shelter under a fallen tree. A black dog under muddy black tree roots made it very hard for Kevin to see her, but his dog Finn did. Eventually, Kevin saw her tag shining on her collar. He immediately contacted the owner who arrived with his son to help. They did calming techniques and snowshoed/post-holed in the deep creek, and it took 3 of them to get her out!!!! PEPPER WAS SAFE!! Ultimately, she was stuck 714 feet from her house!!"

It's amazing that Pepper was found that close to her house! What an absolutely incredible rescue! We are so happy this sweet pup is safe and sound at home again!

What To Do if Your Lose Your Dog

Losing your dog can be such a scary experience, but the good news is that according to the ASPCA, 93 percent of lost dogs are eventually recovered, and 90 percent of them are found within the first 12 hours.

One thing you can do is have your dog microchipped, so that if they are lost and they end brought to a vet it can be determined that you are the actual owner. Make sure your dog always wears a collar with your name and contact information on it. It's also a good idea to take current photographs of your dog in case they do go missing, and photographs of you with your dog in case you need further proof of ownership.

Contact friends and family immediately, the non-emergency number of your local police department, as well as your veterinarian, your local Humane Society and Animal Shelters, and make postings on social media lost and found groups for your area.

Create flyers with your contact information plus a current photo of your pet and distribute them to local businesses and neighbors.

If your dog has a keen nose, they might be able to sniff their way back to you. Take something that smells like you, such as a worn shirt, a blanket, a toy, or a crate. Leave the items where you last saw your dog. Like the Summit Lost pet Rescue did, which was to create a scent station on the owner's front porch (owner's dirty clothes and dog bed) to lure the pup home.

Hopefully your dog will be at home with you safe and sound in no time!

If you would like more information about the Summit Lost Pet Rescue and the amazing work they do, you can visit their website here.

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