Looking For a New Sunscreen For Summer? Here Are 23 Editor-Approved Options

Like most beauty editors, we're passionate about sunscreen - and you should be, too. Very few skin-care products are as important, or personal, as sunblock. Everyone has their likes and dislikes when it comes to beauty, but nothing compares to the love you develop for a quality sun-protection product that fits your unique needs. The level of performance we expect from our sunscreen formula is unmatched.

As we head into the peak sun months when most of us will either be outside, at the beach, or by the pool for long hours at a time, it's important that you have an SPF product that will keep you protected from the sun's harmful UV rays. The alternative is painful sunburns, premature signs of aging, and worst case scenario, skin cancer - all of which are completely avoidable with proper sun-protection measures.

If you're someone who hasn't quite found their perfect sunscreen match, or have coined yourself "not a sunscreen person," we rounded up a list of our editors' most beloved sun-protection products that's 20 options deep. Whether you're looking for a body sunscreen that's easy to apply, a face sunscreen that wears well under makeup, or an option that's suitable for acne-prove skin, there's an editor-approved product out there for you. In other words, even the pickiest of beauty shoppers are sure to find a great sunscreen to try ahead.

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