Look: Toy Machine Shares the First 'Transistor Sect' Comic From Ed Templeton's Sketchbook, 1996

This is pretty gnarly.

Toy Machine unveiled a piece of skateboarding history by sharing the first 'Transistor Sect' comic from Ed Templeton's sketchbook, dating back to 1996. As a lifelong Toy Machine fan myself, this is really epic.

The comic, which is now over two decades old (wild), offers a window into the golden age of mid-90s skateboarding and honestly a golden era of Toy Machine in general. It's a time capsule of sorts, capturing the spirit and humor of the era, through the lens of Ed Templeton no less.

Templeton's artwork and comics were, and continue to be, an integral part of Toy Machine's legacy. Timeless, iconic and nostalgic all the same, we all have a place in our heart for Ed's work. Whether you're a kid or a grown up kid, it doesn't get much cooler than this.

For Toy Machine and Ed Templeton fans alike, seeing this original sketch was a real treat.

The comic invites longtime fans and newcomers to appreciate Toy Machine and its connections to art, skateboarding and creativity. There's no denying Ed's work remains relevant. He's a constant reminder that skateboarding has always been more than just tricks and clips; it's an expression of individuality and imagination.

And we can thank pioneers like Ed for that.

Forever inspiring. Nerd out!

Post / @toymachine

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