Look at This Millennial Pink Coffin Inflatable!

Photo credit: Instagram

From Cosmopolitan

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Everyone's dying from the heat this summer, but even ~deceased~ beach bums want to look cute for the vacation 'gram. So... how about this millennial pink coffin-shaped inflatable? Yes, it is complete with a lid you can use to shut yourself in before floating out around the lazy river like it's your wake.

Canadian designer Andrew Greenbaum recently posted a photo of his and his friend designer Ian Felton's creation, which has been three years in the making. "Had the idea to start this project almost three years ago, with my guy @ian__felton. I found someone who could make me a sample recently and pulled the trigger. Super hilarious project," Greenbaum captioned.

But hold your eulogies: the item isn't for sale just yet. "Truth be told thou, we about $15,000 short from being able to sell this to ya’ll," Greenbaum continued in his caption. "Let us know if you think a kickstarter would be a cool idea or if you have a rich daddy who wanna invest. We taking suggestion no doubt forsure."

So if you're looking to have a *literally* killer summer accessory and have some $$$ to spare, you should probably sound off on Greenbaum's post on Instagram before it's "RIP summer."

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