A Look Inside Farrah Fawcett's Home, Circa 1981

Photo credit: House Beautiful
Photo credit: House Beautiful

For House Beautiful’s 125th anniversary this year, we're digging into some of our favorite spaces from our archive—including, so far, decorator Sister Parish’s New York Apartment and the West Hollywood home and studio of designer extraordinaire Tony Duquette, dubbed "the house of a magician." Here, we revisit a piece about Farrah Fawcett's home from 1981, which was first published in our February issue that year.

Farrah Fawcett was known for her timeless beauty—and the same can be said of her interior design taste, as proven by her globally-inspired oasis of a home that graced the pages of House Beautiful 40 years ago. Standout pieces in the dwelling include a Moroccan door-turned-coffee table, a matching sofa and chaise swathed in Indonesian batik, and an Andy Warhol portrait of Fawcett herself.

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Few houses are as stylish and as personal as Farrah Fawcett's. Walking through it gives a special glimpse of her personality—because she really lives in every inch of the house. None of the rooms are alike, but each has the same relaxed charm, the same easy, open-armed warmth. "This house is very special to me," Farrah says. "I fell in love with it because I wanted an old house—with lots of fireplaces—that I could do a lot with." Working with Los Angeles designer Steve Chase she did a room at a time. "They reflect my moods," she says. "That's why they're so different." The living room—soft, dark, lined with sumptuous herringbone suede—reveals Farrah's desire for "a glamorous, nighttime look." It has cozy seating around the fireplace at one end—at the other, there's a big screen for showing movies, bar, stereo and Betamax, all hidden behind carved pine panels.

Caption: The living room's richly colored rug was designed to match the Indonesian batik-covered sofa and chaise. The coffee table is an antique Moroccan door topped with glass, and the portrait over the fireplace is by Andy Warhol.

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