Look for the ‘Hoodwinked!’ ‘Did I?’ goat to be the next viral trend

New trends consistently show up on TikTok, and this clip from the 2005 movie Hoodwinked! is the next one to go viral.

TikTokers are using this clip of a singing goat to poke fun at some of the lies they’ve either told or been told. That’s what @idontduck_1 said in this video, calling out their own mother.

“Then they go straight to the gaslighting,” replied @briiaa_5.

Hoodwinked! reimagined the story of Little Red Riding Hood with several new aspects. One of the characters this interpretation introduced was Japeth the Goat, played by Benjy Gaither.

In the specific trending scene, Japeth explains to Little Red Riding Hood that a mountain witch put a spell on him that forced him to sing every time he speaks. However, in the process of explaining this, Japeth says, “That’s right,” without singing.

Little Red Riding Hood tries to call him out on his fib, and Japeth’s reaction is now a trending meme.

On top of people calling their mothers out with the meme, some people are also showing the fibs they told their partners.

“best character in that movie,” said @kingkarimshorts.

This meme circulating has also put a lot of things into perspective for users — including how animation has evolved over the years. While users are making jokes and still using this video, they are noticing the difference in how they viewed the film in 2005 compared to 2023.

“Could’ve sworn the graphics were better back then,” said @carlosss_626 under @p3rky.yy’s video.

It’s been nearly two decades since Hoodwinked! premiered, but the nostalgia and entertainment that Japeth the Goat brings to TikTok is something to watch out for.

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