Look: Heavy hammers and pure destruction from Kevin Baekkel in his new 'Beyond Medals' video part

Kevin Baekkel and Gabriel Fortunato came out of nowhere with their heavy, heavy parts in Beyond Medals latest video, You Can't Win and my mind is blown.

From start to finish, these two literally destroy every piece of terrain they cross paths with, dishing countless uniquely difficult tricks and introducing us to a variety of untouched spots along the way.

Fortunato has some serious flick and a style that oozes power and finesse all the same. That doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's impossible to ignore. Full on ATV ripper, this dude. Simply put, Gabriel's well-roundedness is on full display here.

While Gabriel kicks things off with a major bang, Baekkel closes the curtains with one of his heaviest parts we've seen from him in a while—there is no shortage of daunting kinked rails, heavy hubbas, death-defying hill bombs and generally sketchy terrain the whole way through.

And that's just his intro!

All of a sudden the first part ends, his name appears on the screen and we're at a completely different starting line. What?!

Make sure you look closely on that roof-to-rock ollie that he fires off at the beginning of his (first) part. Why? Because it's raining. Of all the times to skate a spot like that—to get a trick like that—I'd assume when it's raining wouldn't be the best...but clearly what do I know?

Anyways...just press play. You don't want to miss any of this.

Video / Beyond Medals

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