Look Back ... to thousands expected to vote in Democratic primary, 1948

May 3—May 3, 1948, in The Star: Between 7,000 and 8,000 Calhoun County voters are expected to go to the polls tomorrow beginning at 8 a.m. to make their choices known in a variety of contests in the Democratic party primary election. Principal interest centers on the Alabama Fourth District congressional race between the incumbent, Sam Hobbs of Selma, and Anniston's Kenneth Roberts. Radio station WHMA will broadcast election returns on county, district and state races throughout tomorrow night live from the newsroom of The Anniston Star. Other offices for which party voters will choose a nominee include U.S. Senate, president of the Alabama Public Service Commission and county tax assessor.

May 3, 1998, in The Star: Local NAACP members concerned by recent actions of the Anniston City Council have asked NAACP state president Robert Shanklin to support a local boycott and investigate the council's actions as being racially divisive, not only for the council but the entire city. The local NAACP contends that the council's three white members have prevented the two black council members from effectively representing their districts. Also this date: A 14-year-old Anniston youth had to be rescued by a YMCA lifeguard from the bottom of the facility's pool yesterday afternoon. The boy was taken to RMC following the incident and later released. He had been diving for some goggles at the bottom of the pool when he got a cramp in his leg and was unable to swim back to the surface, paramedics said. YMCA lifeguard Paul Hedgepath jumped in and saved the youth. "He's going to be fine," said Pat Brown, an Anniston Fire Department paramedic. "As soon as they got him out of the pool, he was spitting up water."