Look Back ... to Oxford readers loving mysteries, 1948

May 13—May 13, 1948, in The Star: The Anniston Cafeteria, located at 920 Noble Street in the building formerly occupied by the Dixie Café, opens its doors tomorrow morning at 11 under the ownership and management of M. C. Holcomb, who for the past 15 years has been associated with a similar venture in Birmingham. The cafeteria has been equipped with three steam tables, behind which seven servers will wait on customers; seven others will stand by to handle the heavy trays. Also this date: The people of Oxford, even the little children, prefer mystery stories to any other, Mrs. Tull Allen, librarian for the past two years at Oxford Public Library, said today. The Oxford library, founded in 1927 by the Europa Club and sponsored by its members ever since, has a circulation of 1,578 books and 1,850 magazines as of April. Some of the books are property of the county library system, however.

May 13, 1998, in The Star: The Anniston school board yesterday accepted Regional Health Service's $2,050,000 bid to buy Johnston Elementary School. A formal contract remains to be negotiated, but it is known the health corporation wants to take possession of the athletic field as soon as possible to get started on construction of a surgical center. Also this date: The Anniston City Council last night voted to exclude the Golden Springs Community Center from a rezoning measure, thereby ensuring it would not be sold off from the neighborhood that depends on it for recreation. The rezoning vote, which also excluded Sacred Heart Catholic Church, changed a swath of property along the east side of Golden Springs Road from Neighborhood Shopping Center to NSC-1. In another zoning matter, the council did not commit to any Ezell Park replacement plans other than the ongoing attempt to acquire several recreational facilities at Fort McClellan when it closes next year. This inaction disappointed hundreds of residents who have signed a petition demanding the city honor its promise to replace Ezell Park, which was sold in 1995 for $1.22 million.