'Avatar: The Way of Water' Finally Has a Streaming Date

'The Way of Water' Finally Has a Streaming DateDisney

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Have you been enchanted by your return to Pandora in James Cameron's Avatar: The Way of Water yet? We can guess the answer is yes. The film has already made more than $2 billion dollars at the box office. So, yes the hype is real.

The Way of Water has even been nominated for four Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Visual Effects, Best Production Design, and Best Sound. With Oscar night fast approaching this Sunday, you might feel Pandora calling you to catch up on The Way of Water before that Best Picture win is read aloud. So, can you watch Avatar: The Way of Water streaming on demand yet?

It looks like you'll still need to head to the theater if you want to catch the Best Picture nominee, but don't fear: a digital premiere is in the not too distant future. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Avatar: The Way of Water will be available to buy on digital on March 28.As for Disney+? Well, for what it's worth, Disney films typically have an exclusive theatrical run for at least a month before appearing on Disney+. With The Way of Water going on a nearly four-month-long run on the big screen, the wait may be longer than usual.

But if you'd rather watch the film in the comfort of your own home—and, ahem, close to a bathroom—you can rest assured that The Way of Water will stream on Disney+ in the near(ish) future. Our guess is sometime after it has swept multiple awards, so Cameron can squeeze every last bit out of the decade-plus anticipation for The Way of Water. In the meantime, you can re-watch 2009's Avatar on Disney+.

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