The Long-Lasting and Aromatic Body Mists by ‘Bryan & Candy’ Are a Must-Try for Women During the Summer Season

The summer season is officially here. With the onset of the season, we tend to sweat a lot. While the scorching sun enables people to apply sun-screen lotions, it is also the time when people use body mists. Women, in general, love body mists that last for a longer period on all skin types. Among many other notable brands available in the market, ‘Bryan & Candy’ is a beauty and wellness brand offering a wider collection of body mists. Its exclusive range of body mists are quality-driven and are priced at an affordable rate.

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Tried and tested by dermatologists, the products are widely used by people for their premium quality. From the esteemed collection, ‘Bryan & Candy’ offers an array of body mists with distinct fragrances for women including Floral Splash, My Escapade, Naked Sunshine, Nottie Berries, Tropical Fling, Urban Desire, Urban Scandal and Wild Salsa. With the availability of various body mists, every product is created for a different mood and all the fragrances are imported from France and Italy.

In other words, every body mist of the brand has a distinct fragrance that makes it a signature collection of the brand. The Floral Splash Body Mist is inspired by delicately poised peonies and silly lilies. It is a perfect blend of Rich White Musk, Hibiscus, Magnolia and Cassis that can uplift your mood in this current period of lockdown. With the fragrance of a variety of flowers, it has a soothing impact on the body. The Tropical Fling Body Mist is a vibrant fruity-floral scent made of wild orchids and wormwood. It goes perfect with the idea of beach mood. Apart from this, Urban Scandal Body Mist is yet another product that is made with a combination of lotus and lilies. Its vibrant fragrance can make anyone ready for any given challenge. With many flavours, such distinct products from ‘Bryan & Candy’ offer a variety to the customers.

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Furthermore, the Naked Sunshine Body Mist is one of a kind where you bid adieu to the dull days thus welcoming the bright days of life. Another fragrance called The Tropical Fling sets up the perfect mood for a date. Its long aroma lasts for the whole day and is safe to be sprayed directly on the skin for long-lasting freshness. Moreover, the irresistible scent is a perfect choice for the ones who want to be wrapped in an aromatic mood for the entire day. Founded by Dipak Desai and Pallav Shah in 2017, ‘Bryan & Candy’ has got various other collection of products like bath and shower gels, sugar body scrubs, hand and body lotions, body butter, grooming kit for men and body sprays. Certified by IFRA, all the products are skin-friendly on different skin types.

The beauty and wellness brand has its products available on different e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, TataCLiQ, Myntra and Nykaa. The beauty products are also available on the brand’s official website Besides building its brand presence digitally, the brand also does institutional sales, corporate gifting and salon retail. The target of ‘Bryan & Candy’ is to reach more than 5000 offline retail outlets by the end of 2022. With the operations already having begun, ‘Bryan & Candy’ is leaving no stone unturned to become the leader in offering the best beauty products to its customers.