Long-Haired Dachshund Loves Collecting Seashells Just Like a Human Child

There's something so relaxing about taking a long walk on the beach and finding treasures from the sea in the sand. Whether you discover sand dollars or conch shells these nature souvenirs are always a lovely reminder of a special day at the beach.

We aren't the only ones who feel this way, because the adorable long hair dachshund that belongs to TikTok account @Roswell_weenie has been collecting seashells at the seashore since he was a tiny puppy!

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Roswell's owner asks if they should do a seashell collection reveal and TikTok users are absolutely here for it! @Amber pleads, "Please please please show us his collection!!" @Joey adds, "How proudly he presents his treasures to you." It does look like Roswell is saying, "Mom! Mom! Look what I found, Mom!" @Tracy adds, "I as well would love to see his collection, adorable." @Kerry replies, "What a lucky pup getting to spend so many great days at the beach!" @Bearbaby responds with, "I would love to see his collection and all the work he put into finding them." This pup and his owner have so many wonderful memories they have made together at the seashore.

I would love it if his mom made a photo frame with all of the seashells and included a photo of Roswell at the beach to put inside. Now that would deserve a first rate spot on her fireplace mantle!

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