Lola Consuelos Doesn't Want Her Mom Posting Naked Pics Like Gwyneth Paltrow

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The One Strict Rule Kelly Ripa’s Daughter Lola Had to Follow Before She Turned 18

"We made her wait until she was an adult,” the talk show host explained.

Over the weekend, Gwyneth Paltrow, firebrand and seer of all things trendy, celebrated her 48th birthday with a nude photo of herself soaking up the dappled California light. And knowing that Paltrow wields her unique brand of influence, Lola Consuelos warned her mother, Kelly Ripa, to stay far, far away from following in GP's bare footsteps.

Today, Ripa shared a text exchange with Consuelos which shows exactly what each one thinks about GP's festive au naturel celebration and the possibility of giving her Instagram followers her own take on GP's photoshoot.

"You've been warned," Consuelos wrote to her mother, who will be celebrating her 50th birthday (!!) on October 2.

"Oh lord. Honey. Do u what u want. Just know that I have a birthday also and an Instagram," Ripa responded in short staccato messages.

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Mark Consuelos offered up his opinion, too, writing, "Lord," in the comments.

Paltrow's daughter, Apple Martin, offered an unsurprising take on her mom's photo, writing, "MOM," in the comments — thanks, CommentsbyCelebs. So, it's clear that celebrity kids aren't feeling their moms feeling themselves, but fans will have to wait until October 2 to see if Ripa ends up following through with the threats to her daughter.

Ripa isn't the only parent that Lola's harping on. When her father commented "been there" on a photo of Ripa at a dress fitting, Lola wrote that her parents were "absolutely repulsive" for their online antics.

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