Loki's Sophia Di Martino reveals that her costume was altered for breastfeeding

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Sophia Di Martino
Sophia Di Martino

This post discusses the events of Loki’s fourth episode, “The Nexus Event.

As if being a new parent isn’t hard enough, Sophia Di Martino also had to suit up for this first season of Disney+’s Loki series, taking on not only the role of supermom but superhero. Luckily, the costume design team had a rather simple solution.

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On Instagram and Twitter, Di Martino shared images of her modified costume, detailing that costume designer Christine Wada added two concealed zippers to her character’s costume so Di Martino could pump milk with ease. Di Martino had her first child with partner Will Scharpe in 2019, and with Loki filming beginning in early 2020, Di Martino needed a way to breastfeed and pump regularly.

“Little (big) things like this that made it possible for me to do my job & be a parent,” Di Martino wrote. “I’m forever grateful.”

Fans were quick to share their love and support for the attention to detail given to the actor’s circumstances, with one Twitter user saying, “That’s brilliant! So important that mamas who nurse their babies are given the opportunity of doing so, and then to have a costume designer design this for you is awesome.”

Di Martino plays Sylvie in Loki, an alternate version of the God of Mischief who joins Tom Hiddleston’s character to take down the big bad TVA. More details about her character continue to unfold. There were some initial sneaking suspicions that Sylvie may in fact be The Enchantress, whose name in the comics is Sylvie Lushton. Sylvie and Loki were beginning a strangely narcissistic romantic affair, before Loki was blasted somewhere in a short-lived cliffhanger.

In addition to her role as Sylvie, Di Martino will star in Scharpe’s upcoming feature film The Electrical Life of Louis Wain and Paul Feig’s Girls Code.