The new Loki trailer shows Disney Plus basically created Tumblr’s dream show

Tatiana Tenreyro
·1 min read
Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson in Loki
Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson in Loki

We’re only a couple of months away from Loki’s premiere on Disney+ and now we get a bigger glimpse at what’s to come. The teaser we saw in December featured Loki being arrested after stealing the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame, with that theft causing a space-time anomaly. Loki is then taken to the Time Variance Authority, where he meets his time travel parole officer, Mobius (Owen Wilson making his MCU debut). The new trailer shows more of Loki’s arrival to the TVA, with Mobius asking Loki for his help fix the damage caused by the Tesseract.

In an interview with EW in 2019, Tom Hiddleston teased that Loki would be in very new territory, saying he’d be shown “in a context you’ve never seen him in before.” Loki’s definitely not going to get away with his usual tricks with the TVA, and seeing him have to comply to their rules will be pretty interesting.

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From the trailer, it looks like Disney+ created the ultimate Sherlock/Doctor Who/MCU mashup, giving the last remaining Tumblr users their new favorite show. Loki and Mobius make a great odd couple so prepare yourself for all the fanfic that’s bound to come. The series was originally set to premiere in May, but will now arrive to Disney+ on June 11.