Loki series creator Michael Waldron to write Star Wars movie for Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige

Sam Barsanti
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Kevin Feige under a big Loki
Kevin Feige under a big Loki

There are some big moves quietly happening behind the scenes at Disney, and they all indicate an abundance of confidence in Marvel Studios mastermind Kevin Feige—the guy who is credited with the idea of having Nick Fury show up at the end of Iron Man, shaped the MCU from that day forward, and became a style icon with his classic “fancy suit and superhero baseball hat” look. But we’re not talking about Marvel here… well, we are, but not exclusively. What we’re actually talking about is Star Wars, the film franchise that brought us Porgs, the CG Luke Skywalker from season two of The Mandalorian, and beloved fish-mayor Boss Nass. In 2019, we reported that Feige had signed on to produce a Star Wars movie, supposedly just because he loves Star Wars and has made Disney enough money through Marvel Studios that he should be allowed to do whatever he wants.

We still know absolutely nothing about what kind of Star Wars movie Feige would want to make, since he’s done so much with Marvel that it’s hard to even pick out a potential influence, but (thanks to Deadline) we do at least know who will specifically be shaping his Star Wars: Michael Waldron, the series creator and head writer for Disney+’s upcoming Loki series. Waldron, who came to Marvel after being a writer on Rick And Morty, is also writing Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, so not only is this Disney trusting Feige with a second giant media brand, it’s Disney trusting Michael Waldron even though Doctor Strange and Loki aren’t out yet. That seems quite a bit more meaningful, and—Star Wars aside—it could speak to the impact that Loki and Doctor Strange are going to have on future Marvel stuff.

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So, to recap: The guy who made Marvel Studios so successful and a guy who seems to be deeply involved in the future of Marvel Studios are making a Star Wars, which seems like it could be important to whatever the direction of Star Wars will be going forward.