Logitech’s New Reach Webcam Designed for 'Show and Tell' Streaming

If only the company had announced this three years ago

Fact checked by Jerri Ledford

The next video call you're forced to sit through might not be so boring thanks to Logitech's newest product.

With its latest device, Logitech hopes to give teachers, content creators, and remote workers a way to create more engaging virtual lessons, livestreams, and video meetings.

The company's newly announced Logitech Reach "flexible show-and-tell camera" combines an articulating arm with a built-in webcam. An analog button along the side of the device allows for independent vertical movement and up to 4.3x lossless zoom. Additionally, the arm's nifty design allows users to swivel the camera a full 360 degrees with just a single hand. You can also pivot the webcam if you need to get a different angle on something you want to show on video. When not in use, the Reach offers a compact stowing mode so it doesn't take over your desk.



The Reach's included Logitech Streamcam offers 1080p capture at 60 frames per second. As with most Logitech's webcams, the Streamcam is a plug-and-play device, with support for "most computers and conferencing or streaming platforms" offered out of the box thanks to USB connectivity.

"Ultimately, whether someone is hosting virtual meetings, tutoring online, collaborating creatively, gaming, or live streaming to their followers, Logitech Reach empowers people to create an immersive ‘show and tell’ experience,” wrote Gurpreet Bhoot, senior communications specialist at Logitech, in the blog post announcing Reach.

Logitech did not announce a release date or pricing for the Reach. The company plans to first crowdfund the device through Indiegogo Enterprise and make any necessary adjustments before bringing the device to market. You can sign up to get an early bird discount through the company’s website

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