Locomotive Celebrates Centennial With Chug Through New Hampshire

Train enthusiasts stepped back in time as they boarded a 100-year-old steam locomotive at the Conway Scenic Railroad’s “Winter Steam” event in New Hampshire on January 2.

Caleb Browne, a railroad worker and photographer, shared this video of Steam Engine #7470, which was built in Montreal in 1921, according to Conway Scenic, as it rolled through the snow-covered town of Bartlett.

Browne told Storyful he hoped “the younger and older generations will have a newfound respect of railroads” after watching the video. “It’s a very important piece of history, and I want everyone who sees this to appreciate this marvel of engineering,” Browne said.

The one-day event was held by Conway Scenic as a scaled-down substitute for “Steam in the Snow,” an event organized annually by Massachusetts Bay Railroad Enthusiasts but which was canceled this year due to pandemic-related travel restrictions. Credit: Caleb Browne via Storyful