You’ll Want to Snuggle Up to This Supremely Soft Blanket

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Meet Your New Blanket BFFHearst Owned
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Finding the perfect throw blanket is no simple feat. For one, it needs to be extra soft. You want that ahh moment the instant you grab it to unwind on the sofa with a good read or a Netflix binge. Then it has to be aesthetically pleasing enough to even grace the coveted corner of your couch. And let’s not forget warmth. Feeling nice and toasty is a must. Good news: We we found just the blanket. Dennis Basso’s Hotel du Cobb Luxury Ruched Faux-Fur Throw hits all those notes and more.

Designer Dennis Basso is known for his plush coats, having mastered the art of fashioning the finest faux fur. He brings all that know-how to this blanket. “My inspiration was the great luxury hotels of the world,” explains Basso. “The ruching gives the throw depth and the most luxurious feel.” And that’s just one side. The other has a micro sheared faux mink, so it’s cuddly no matter which side you touch. And in between those lush layers is a cozy fill that keeps you warm.

At 50"x 70", it comes in prints (ivory lynx, grey chinchilla, café chinchilla, and cheetah) plus solids (ivory, peacock, and merlot) to go with any decor in any room of the house, whether it’s draped across a bed or your favorite chair, or stationed in your guest room for visitors to enjoy. Since they’re affordable, the more the merrier, and they also make a great gift. We venture to guess that there’s no one on your list who wouldn’t want a blanket that feels like a warm hug, and Oprah Daily staffers agree. Here's what they had to say.

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“As the weather drops in New York, I go into official hibernation mode. I make myself comfortable on one side of the couch; my boyfriend, Marcus, goes on the opposite end; our dog, Harry, nestles himself between us; and we get cozy under this blanket. You know a blanket is top tier when you’re able to hit play on your latest binge and you fall asleep within minutes. Case in point: We tried to start The White Lotus, but it quickly turned into season one of The White Blanket featuring two Emmy-nominated snorers and one cute napper. I’ll let you decide who was who!”—Joseph Zambrano, director of brand strategyHearst Owned
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“It feels like a mink. Seriously. And the teal is one of my favorite colors because it goes with the orange and greens of my living room, plus the pinks and blues of my porch. Sort of new neutral. Obviously, Chips feels similarly, and he’s very finicky about textures.”—Leigh Newman, executive editorHearst Owned
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“Nobody does faux fur better than Dennis Basso, and he understands how a blanket helps elevate a space. This grey shade is perfection. Great for neutral spaces as well more colorful and traditional homes, it’ll be my go-to holiday gift this year. It is so warm and cozy that you don’t even need a fireplace!”—Adam Glassman, creative directorHearst Owned
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“As the air turns crisp and the frost settles on the ground, I have migrated to my couch, where I snuggle in this plush throw blanket for my favorite pastime, reading. The vibrant color attracted me, and its toasty warm, lightweight, and velvety quality has made it my new favorite blanket.” —Wadzanai Mhute, books editorHearst Owned
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“I love this throw. It’s super cozy—and my dog, Lola, seems to think so, too. It’s perfect for nights in watching movies. With Christmas around the corner, I am going to gift one to each of my siblings.” —Rae Ann Herman, market directorHearst Owned

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