You’ll Never Wake Up Sweaty Again If You Snatch Up This 20%-Off Leesa Cooling Mattress Deal

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20% off Leesa Mattresses

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If you’ve ever kicked off all of your blankets at night, there’s a good chance that your mattress may be at least partly to blame. Having a mattress that actually helps cool your body and better regulate your temperature can save you restless nights, and right now, the editor-favorite Leesa cooling mattresses are 20% off. It’s under $1400 for a queen-size plush and a luxury cooling mattress, and under $100 for a simpler mattress that is every bit as cooling as the pricier version.

We all deserve a good night’s sleep, but that is easier said than done for many of us who sleep hot. This is especially hard to do if, like me, you rely on weighted blankets or specific sheets to keep you calm and comfortable, and your mattress feels like it's browning you on one side. With the Leesa hybrid mattress, you can practically suffocate yourself with all of your sleeping accouterment on one side, but still be cool enough to be comfortable thanks to the ingenious design.

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The mattress has a top layer made with materials that wick heat and moisture away from your body and circulate air flow underneath you as you sleep. I would describe it as laying on a soft air buffer that still cradles you without making you sweat in buckets. It’s not at all like sleeping on a regular foam mattress; instead, the layers of materials make it feel as though you’ve fallen onto a pillow that holds you away from the heat source.

And that’s not the only reason to love the Leesa. It’s also really supportive: I have hip and back problems from a lifetime of running without stretching or taking rest days, and thanks to its 1000+ coils, plus multiple layers of memory foam that disperse body weight near-perfectly, I have noticed a real difference in my recovery time and how I feel when I wake up. As someone who really struggles with sleeping, this has vastly improved my quality of life. (Also, not for anything, but I’m headed deeper into my 40s, and hot flashes have begun. I can’t imagine what those puppies would be like on my old mattress.)

If you’re looking for a luxury cooling mattress, now is the time to grab one, and hibernate away the rest of the winter.

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