Lizzo's "fly on Mike Pence's head" costume is the only one we'll be needing this year, thanks

William Hughes
·1 min read

In a less completely hellish year, the fly on Mike Pence’s head—remember that? From forever ago?—would probably be the perfect smartass Halloween costume. It’s political, timely (sort of), and not especially difficult to pull off, which would have made it a favorite of that guy who went as Joker to the office Halloween party last year (and possibly several other years before). Unfortunately, the fly has now been invalidated as a costume choice for pretty much everybody, for two separate but equally important reason. First: Global pandemic. Second: Lizzo pretty much already nailed it.

America’s favorite rapping flautist (or flute-playing rapper?) showed off her costume on Instagram today, including a couple of different videos of her dancing around on Pence’s carefully shellacked domed. As far as political statements go, it’s not necessarily the most trenchant bit of satire we’ve ever encountered—after all, Lizzo didn’t even go to the trouble of vomiting up a mixture of stomach acid and saliva to help break down her food atop the vice president’s head. Still, though, the enthusiasm is there, reminding us all that sometimes all you need to completely own a costume is a decent idea, some fly wings, some kickass dance moves, and an Instagram account with 9.4 million followers.

The fly itself couldn’t be reached for comment on Lizzo’s impersonation, presumably because it doesn’t want to show favoritism in front of the other fly costumes, and also because the vice-presidential debate was like three weeks ago, and flies don’t live that long.