Lizzo Wears Stunning Sparkling Barbie Pink Catsuit at Kia Forum

lizzo performs at the kia forum
Lizzo Wears Stunning Sparkling Barbie Pink CatsuitTimothy Norris - Getty Images

On Friday night, musical artist Lizzo lit up the stage at Kia Forum in Inglewood, California, wearing an eye-catching catsuit made of panels of sheer material and Barbie pink shimmer that ran up her arms and over her shoulders in tiger-like stripes.

Flanked by backup dancers in matching shades, she paired the catsuit with hot pink combat boots with pink laces. She wore her hair down in long waves, wore silver hoop earrings, a bright eye shadow, and a long pearlescent manicure.

lizzo performs at the kia forum
Timothy Norris - Getty Images

Lizzo wore the same style while performing at the Chase Center earlier in November, only in a vivid blue.

lizzo performs at chase center
Tim Mosenfelder - Getty Images

During the Kia Forum concert on November 18, Lizzo surprised the audience with two special guests, rappers Missy Elliot and Cardi B, who was featured on Lizzo's hit “Rumors.”

Last year, Lizzo made an appearance on The Breakfast Club, and joked that the director split her and Cardi up during the “Rumors” video.

“Let me tell you something,” Lizzo explained. “This is the funniest person. Like we were sitting there and she was like, ‘Ok, now whisper into Lizzo’s ear,’ and this is the first time we had to do that because at first, we were just kind of chatting. And she was like, ‘I want to eat your p-ssy,’ when I say I died laughing, this girl is so funny to me. After that the director split us up. She said, ‘Alright y’all can’t stand together anymore we’re going to have to do this in post.’”

Cardi B seemed pretty astounded by the concert, tweeting, “Lizzo show was amazing! It was very pretty, very positive and I saw Missy Elliot.”

Missy joined Lizzo for her song “Tempo,” from her Cuz I Love You album. She commented on Cardi's tweet with a short clip of them embracing.

That night, the 34-year-old artist shared some shots from the evening on her Instagram account, including a glimpse of her other outfit, a sheer silver jumpsuit with belled bottoms and a low cut neckline, revealing her matching bra and panties underneath.

“LA: Night 1…,” she wrote in the caption, crediting photographer Alex Waespi. Lizzo's U.S. tour leg is almost over, and she will continue touring through Europe in 2023. She was just nominated for the Grammys in the Album of the Year and Song of the Year categories.

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