Lizzo Shared What She Typically Eats In a Day As a New Vegan

The singer says she's been feeling "very lit and full" since switching up her diet.

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    Why You Might Be Feeling Socially Anxious Coming Out of Quarantine.In the beginning of the pandemic, one of the few things people couldcontrol was sheltering in place.Now, there are ways you can enter society safely, but you might still experience anxiety and hypervigilance. That's your brain trying to safeguard you from the virus.It might take some time to feel comfortable with going out, and that's ok. These strategies can help:.Check in what you can and cannot control. For example, you can't control what others do, but you can control the steps you take to protect yourself.Ease yourself back into things. You can start to socialize without immersing yourself in crowds, just set boundaries around what makes you feel safe.Reassure yourself by taking all the proper precautions. Wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and wash your hands frequently.Try to limit your media intake about the pandemic to only sources you trust, and avoid talking about the coronavirus with friends or coworkers. .Challenge your thoughts. Identify your fears about social engagement, challenge their validity, then work on dismantling any fears that may be irrational.Build a new routine with a new schedule that you stick to. This can promote a sense of control. .Self-educate and discern between the facts and your feelings. Research on how to safely socially distance.Get help in the form of a therapist, psychiatrist, or a trusted loved one if your anxiety feels unmanageable

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