Lizzo Looks Like a Glam Mermaid in Her Latest Photoshoot

Elizabeth Denton

To be quite honest, there haven’t been many great things to come out of this time staying safe at home. Something that has been providing a nice distraction is Lizzo’s TikTok. The performer is just joy from beginning to end and serves looks at the same time. Lizzo posted her recent TikTok look with green hair and eyeshadow to Instagram and it already has 1.3 million likes. She looks like a glam mermaid with an ombré teal wig and matching blue-green shimmer shadow.

Of course, it’s impossible to talk about Lizzo’s look without mentioning the big gold stars all over her body. They’re actually J. Maskrey custom skin jewelry, which you can purchase over on the brand’s website. Quinn...

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