Lizzo Looks Like The Cinderella We Deserve In Her Luxe ‘Vogue’ Shoot

Maggie Griswold
·1 min read

Cancel all your plans for the foreseeable future, because gawking over Lizzo’s October 2020 Vogue cover is the only thing you’re going to want to do from now until forever. Like so many others, I’ve become the ultimate Lizzo stan in recent years, and seeing her on the cover of Vogue has made my day—nay, life. Both Vogue and the pop star have blessed us with enough outfit inspiration (and inspiration in general, TBH) to last a lifetime, and for that, I am truly grateful.

And as someone whose body type is similar to Lizzo’s (a size you don’t typically see on the cover of magazines, no matter how far into the “body positivity” movement we get),...

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