Lizzo Revealed Why She Decided To Change The Lyrics To “Grrrls”

Lizzo is opening up more about her decision to change some of the lyrics in her new song "Grrrls."

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ICYMI: The “Rumors” singer faced backlash last month for using an ableist slur in the song’s lyrics — something she immediately sought to fix.

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Addressing the matter in a statement, she wrote that she "never want[s] to promote derogatory language" and said that she'd recorded a "new version of 'Grrrls' with a lyric change" as a result.

Well, the situation came up again this week on The Breakfast Club, where host Charlamagne tha God told Lizzo he was "mad" at her for changing the lyrics since she'd used it in a different context.

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“Sp*z means to lose physical or emotional control,” he noted. “Like, a coach can sp*z during a game. You can sp*z out because you’re upset about something. Like, it doesn’t just mean a physical ailment.”

“It’s a nuanced conversation,” Lizzo replied. “For me, everybody is talking about it now, there are think pieces everywhere. I thought, what’s the best thing I can do? I can say my opinion on it and just add to everyone’s opinion, or I can do something about it.”

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"And really, I wanted to be a leader in what we should be doing as a culture, like, making this world a better place," she continued. "If they could do that for Black people, that would be amazing."

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Lizzo added, "When we call things out, if they could make changes that quickly for us — if I could do it that quickly, I did it on a Sunday night and it was fixed by Monday. They could do that for us when we call out injustices for us. So I wanted to be a leader in that.”

IKDR, Lizzo! See the rest of her interview above.