LIVINCOOL Is Donating 100% Of Profits From New Gradient Collection To Color Of Change

Bella Gerard

Two things I really love? Cute loungewear and racial equality. Finally, I’ve found a way to combine the two. It was just announced that 100% of profits from LIVINCOOL’s The Gradient Collection will benefit Color Of Change, and as a fan of the brand’s fashion-forward sweats and the organization’s dedication to fighting injustice, I’m more than pleased at the news.

Of course, you should first spend your coin donating to anti-racism organizations, supporting Black entrepreneurs and shopping Black-owned fashion brands, but if you see a brand like LIVINCOOL stepping up and donating their profits as well, treat yourself and give back in the process. “LIVINCOOL’s mission is to embrace diversity—we cannot tolerate any form of racism,” the brand’s founder, photographer Emanuele D’Angelo, captioned

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