LIVE: Apple iPhone 15 - countdown to the Wonderlust 2023 launch event

 Apple Wonderlust event logo from the Apple iPhone 15 launch event
Apple Wonderlust event logo from the Apple iPhone 15 launch event

The Apple Wonderlust event – the launch of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro – is very much in view, as the world's biggest company readies its latest flagship product.

The Wonderlust launch event starts next Tuesday, September 12 at 10 am (Pacific Time) / 1 pm (EDT) / 6 pm (UK) / 3 am Wed (AUS), and last-minute rumors are still flooding in.

You can read them all here, and the official Apple YouTube feed will be in the box below to confirm them when the time comes – so that we can all follow along with the big announcements from Apple HQ in Cupertino, California.

We've been tracking all the rumors on our iPhone 15 – everything we know so far page, but the highlights are:

• iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are expected, as last time – rumours of an 'Ultra' have all but vanished.

• All new iPhones to get USB-C charging sockets – the death of Lightning

• iPhone 15 is expected to get 48-megapixel camera (as seen on iPhone 14 Pro), but possibly a newer sensor.

• iPhone 15 to get the "dynamic island" (as on iPhone 14 Pro) instead of the notch.

• iPhone 15 Pro to get a titanium frame

• iPhone 15 Pro Max (but not smaller pro) to get a variable periscope-style zoom lens

• iPhone 15 colors tipped to be Black, White, Light Yellow, Light Blue, Orange, Coral Pink

• iPhone 15 Pro colors tipped as White, Space Black, Grey, Blue

• iPhone 15 & 15 Pro series will have slightly more rounded edges (not all the. way iPhone 11).

• Rumored delays of up to 4 weeks on the iPhone 15 Pro Max may now be solved

• iPhone 15 price expected to remain the same as the iPhone 14, iPhone 15 Pro expected to cost more than its predecessor.

Perhaps these phones will come out FAST?

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple Stores the world over will be making their updates on the night after the Apple event. That suggests they'll be on sale almost immediately, rather than the 10-14 day wait experienced in the past.

That said, in another tweet on Friday 8th he challenged a MacRumors report that Apple Retail Staff had been drilled to recommend USB-C charging accessories (which, of course, they inevitably will be). Gurman said that the training materials for this hadn't gone out.

MacRumors also says that all four phones will be launched at once, with possible delays for the Pro models all cleared up, and their suggested retail (or at least pre-order) day is September 15th – the Friday after the event.

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Oh, and while we shouldn't expect it on Tuesday, it now seems – according to a post be Weibo – that there will be a new iPad Air, perhaps as soon as October (before the holiday season).

Tweet appears to confirm look of iPhone 15 Pro models

Is this the iPhone 15 Pro? X (formerly Twitter) user posted images which were seen on Weibo, and reposted by @Zovac_X. They were apparently taken by a worker at FoxConn, who manufactures products for Apple.

The tweeter poses a good question. Real or fake...? It has to be said the pic seems to confirm the rumors – the softer edges, the titanium look. The 'blue' seems a bit more like the old purple though?

Image from the tweet purporting to be the iPhone 15 Pro Max

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