'Little People, Big World' Fans Are Fuming Over Matt Roloff’s Shocking IG Farm News

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Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff just made a huge announcement about Roloff Farms and fans aren't thrilled.

Five months after the TLC reality cast member revealed he was selling 16 of the 109 acres of land the Roloff family owned, he posted about a new business development on Instagram. Standing next to a short-term rental sign in front of the Big House, he shared that not only had he pulled his portion of land off the market but will also allow fans to stay there for vacation purposes.

The patriarch opened up about how he landed on the idea, citing "new business partners and networking connections" for his latest venture. "After having many meetings and conversations (and spreadsheets haha) I have decided to pull the small farm off the open market and partner with @itrip_vacations and open the @rolofffarms to everyone and anyone who wants to spend a few nights in the Roloff family home," he wrote on October 22.

He continued: "More information will be forthcoming soon … but needless to say we are scrambling hard behind the scenes (plus running the busy Pumpkin patch) to convert (re-furnish) the home to be ready for its firsts guests."

"It’s my hope many families will be able to pull together and have family reunions in this home. Who knows maybe even our family will reunite one weekend at the old house," Matt concluded.

Unsurprisingly, Little People, Big World fans had complicated feelings about his big news.

"So you'll share the farm with millions of people you don't know but not your children unless they are breaking their backs for you. Nice job," one fan wrote on Instagram, referencing Matt's ongoing drama over the property. "I don’t believe in handouts, but I do believe in compromise. I’d choose family over the bottom line!" another follower noted. "It’s a shame you didn’t think of this before, saving all the family a lot of heartache and tension," a different viewer added.

Matt's latest statement is another layer to a major storyline from last season. As viewers know, Roloff Farms was where he and ex-wife Amy raised their four children Jeremy, Zach, Molly and Jacob. His choice to buy out Amy's portion and sell part of the farms caused a rift between him, Jeremy and Zach, with both sons attempting to separately buy the property from their father.

"My twin boys decided not to consider working together toward a possible joint sale Both of them (along with their growing families) had moved on to other interests and investments," Matt wrote on Instagram back in May. "Even though a substantial family discount and a ‘gift of equity’ was offered by both Amy and I (and I still owe Amy a bundle of money), they decided individually that the timing was not right for them to purchase a part of the farm at this time."

It will be interesting to see how all of this will play out when the all-new season of Little People, Big World premieres on TLC November 1.

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