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Little girl shares her hatred of winter in super relatable TikTok

This TikTok parent recorded their daughter’s rant about why she hates winter and it’s so relatable!

Hate winter? You’re not alone. This little girl speaks for all the cold weather haters of the world in a hilarious video recorded by her parent, a TikToker who goes by @snuding. In the video, the little girl makes a compelling case for why summer is better than winter, and outlines in great detail exactly why winter is the worst.

The hilarious video begins with the little girl standing in the entryway of her home wearing a puffy purple jacket and pink snow overalls. “I hate winter,” she exclaims, angrily pulling her jacket off. “I have to wear gloves, I have to wear coats, I have to wear hats, I have to wear overalls!”

While she rants, the little girl stares fiercely up at her parent, as though challenging them to disagree with her. She unzips her snow overalls dramatically, as though indignant at the many layers she is being forced to wear. “I just hate it,” she says, suddenly sounding sad instead of angry.

Then, the little girl decides to really outline her argument. “I like summer more,” she says, carefully enunciating each word. “Summer is better because you get to go swimming, you get to play in sprinklers, you get to do everything that you can’t do in winter!”

The video ends with the girl pulling off her snow boots in disgust.

Viewers took to the comments section to debate the little girl’s claims about winter. Some agreed with her, while others claimed winter has its perks.

“I’ve never related to someone so much,” one viewer wrote.

“Some of us are just not built for winter,” commented another TikToker.

“But winter is so magical!” another viewer who happens to go by the name “Santa Claus” commented.

Winter just isn’t for everyone!

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