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Little girl records secret message to her future siblings 4 years before passing from cancer

This mom found a video her daughter made before passing from cancer. In the emotional video, the little girl shares a sweet message for her future siblings.

TikToker @destinysmomma707 is a parent whose daughter, Destiny, tragically passed away after a battle with cancer. Four years before her diagnosis, Destiny recorded a secret video on her phone, which she dedicated to any future siblings she might have. Recently, Destiny’s mom found the moving video and shared it on TikTok.

The video begins with Destiny recording herself on her phone in a dark room. “Literally found this video from 4 years ago in Destiny’s phone,” Destiny’s mom explains in a caption. “This was well before she had cancer. We never told her that she would have a brother or sister.”

Nevertheless, Destiny starts by dedicating her video to any future brothers or sisters she might have. “I just want my little sister or my little brother to see this when she or he’s older,” she says.

Then, the conscientious little girl launches into some advice for her future siblings. “I’m not perfect and you aren’t either,” she says. “Just be happy in your life. Never be mean.”

“Let me give you an example,” Destiny continues. “If this girl picked her nose and she ate it, if you were mean, you would look at her like that.” Destiny scrunches up her nose and makes a disgusted face.

“You would say, ‘Why are you picking your boogers? You’re nasty,’” she continues. “But all I say is the exact same thing in my head, but I don’t tell her.”

“I just want you to know that I love you and that you’re a great little sister or little brother,” Destiny says. “I just think you’re going to be perfect.”

Destiny continues to tell her future siblings how much they mean to her, then concludes, “We love you so much. You’re part of our family now and you always were.”

TikTokers were blown away by Destiny’s message and shared their condolences with her mom.

“So wise and an old soul for sure. She was a gift to you and now to us,” one viewer wrote.

“She was so amazing. I’m so sorry for your loss,” commented another viewer.

“Rest in peace beautiful one. The kindest big sister!” wrote another TikToker.

Destiny’s message is truly a gift for her younger siblings.

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