Little Dog's Dramatic Reaction to Waiting for Dinner to Be Served Deserves an Award

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She could win an Oscar.

Any dog owner will tell you that dogs can be incredibly overdramatic. This is probably because we love to spoil our pups, so the minute they become slightly inconvenienced, they act as though they have been terribly wronged. One woman shared the moment her dog pulled a similar dramatic act before dinner time, and it is priceless.

TikTok user @jeanie3legs recently shared a hilarious video of her two pups, Pippa and Jeanie, who has three legs. In the video, Pippa and Jeanie are sitting in the kitchen waiting for mom to serve them dinner. Pippa seems a bit impatient and annoyed that dinner is taking several seconds longer than expected, so, in the text on the video, her mom says she is "getting into character." Check out the video to see what Pippa does when she has to wait for dinner!

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LOL, Pippa is too funny! This dog was so dramatic that she pretended to be overcome with malnutrition and lay down in exhaustion. She even seemed like she had tears in her eyes! In the text on the video, her mom says she is "brilliantly playing the role of starving, desolate, damsel in distress." We are obsessed.

People in the comments think Pippa is an incredible actress. @oldlady19492 said "I'd fall for it. She's good. And the Oscar goes to Pippa!" Another user, @dog_mama_k, commented, "She’s giving Meryl Streep a run for her money." Was Pippa in acting classes, or did she practice for years perfecting her act? We need to know how she became such a natural!

Others thought Pippa and Jeanie were just too adorable. @michellemottram2 commented, "Aww those faces! Love at first sight," and @user5404153171967 said, "I spit out my coffee I laughed so hard. I love this!" These two pups know how to capture an audience!

Pippa could definitely turn acting into a career. We can't wait to see her on the red carpet with Jeanie after becoming the next big doggy star!