Little Dog's Angry Reaction to Mom Trying to Clip His Nails Is Priceless

For some dogs, nail trims are a piece of cake. These chill pups are used to having their paws handled, and they won't fuss much when the dog nail clipper comes out. For other dogs, though, it's a different story.

Arthur the Shih Tzu might be cute and cuddly, but he's also a furry ball of rage when someone tries to clip his nails. If you don't believe us, just take a look at the video from his account @jibberjabberwockey. He's just not having it!

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OMFG! We didn't expect such a tiny dog to have so much anger about dog nail trimming, but clearly, Arthur isn't a fan. He was even growling when his mom touched his paws! Luckily, she was super patient and understanding with her fur baby. That helped them both immensely!

Still, the nail trim was quite a struggle for little pup Arthur--even with the supportive sling harness and the cushion around his neck. These tools did keep his mom safe from any potential bites, though, so they're well worth it. As a bonus, Arthur just looks so cute padded up for his nail trim.

"Where did you get this pinata?" @marce.lee.ta asked. LMAO! This is a pinata unlike anything else we've seen before--that's for sure. Normally, they don't try to whack you back, but this lil' guy is out for revenge! Fortunately, this dog mama seemed to give him a break before he became too uncomfortable. These shorter sessions will hopefully help him get used to this not-so-fun process.

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