Little Dog Surrendered to Shelter After Owner Couldn't Keep Him Is Just So Heartbreaking

This pup needs a new home asap.

As awful as it is to see any loving pet surrendered to a shelter, it's even harder to know that some of them weren't surrendered by choice. These pets were loved and adored but were forced to be separated for one reason or another--just like Luke. This little Chihuahua mix was dropped off at @sparcsaveslives805 in Santa Paula, California, after his owner aged out of the foster system, and we are simply devastated for them both. 

Though he's being loved on by shelter staff--and his new TikTok support system--nothing can erase the fear, confusion, and sadness this little guy must be feeling. As much as we wish he could've stayed with his owner, we sure hope this adoptable pup will find a loving forever home soon!

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We can't imagine what it's like to be separated from a loved one the way Luke and his owner were. No wonder the sweet boy is looking so sad and detached! We know we're not the only ones feeling this way, but we hope with all our hearts that his owner is healing a bit more every day. Adjusting to life outside of the foster system can't be easy, let alone without your best friend.

"This whole story broke my heart," wrote @aprilisjaded. You certainly aren't alone! There are so many comments expressing sympathy, concern, and so much love for both Luke and his owner. 

We sure hope someone in their area sees this story and can adopt the pup while giving his original owner updates--or maybe even visits! In a perfect world, though, we think @webadeb's idea is incredible: "someone who is a landlord ought to adopt and rent to her." That would be the perfect solution!

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