Little Dog Surrendered to Los Angeles Shelter After Family Couldn't Afford Medical Care Has People Moved

As anyone who's spent time on the Internet knows, it's easy to judge from a distance. Plus, everyone has an opinion! Especially when it comes to pet ownership, there will always be somebody who disagrees.

One of the most controversial things a pet owner can do is to surrender them at a shelter. It's easy to see it as abandonment, but sometimes, there's more to the equation. We can only imagine how hard it would be to decide to surrender a pet, but that's what one Los Angeles family did when their dog became sick.

It sounds like a heartless move, but in reality, they thought it was the dog's best chance at getting medical care. They couldn't afford to treat his kidney disease, but a team of heroes are making sure the Chihuahua gets everything he needs and more.

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We're all cheering for you, Henry! Technically, this king's name is Henry VII because he's the eighth pup named Henry that @muchloveanimalrescue has saved from a shelter. They rescued this resilient dog from @westla_shelter in Los Angeles to make sure he gets medical care as quickly as possible. He'll be resting up in a much more peaceful environment!

As hard as it is to think about, Henry would probably not live long if he weren't saved from the shelter. Despite his family's well-meaning move, shelters can't always afford pets' medical care, either. As Much Love Animal Rescue explained, his situation didn't look good. Fortunately, he was on his way to the vet to get kidney treatment started shortly after meeting his heroes. Whatever the vet says about his long-term prognosis, it's a relief to know that he'll be spending the rest of his life being loved and cared for. It's what every rescue dog deserves!

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