Little Boy's Unique Bond with a Buffalo Is So Full of Love

What a special connection they share!

It's not all that unusual to see a child bonding with a special pet or backyard critter, but a relationship like this is a bit more impressive. TikTok user @farmer_erin isn't surprised at all by this friendship, though, as she knows just how much her son loves animals. He especially loves the family's water buffalo, and it sure looks like they love him back.

A recent video from Erin's account shows her son cuddling up and giving scratches to one of their water buffalo, and their followers are in love. You will be too once you see these two sweetie pies!

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How cute is this? We'd never expect a moment with a water buffalo to be so precious, but here we are with Erin's adorable son! Clearly, this young man has a way with animals.

"I want all animals to live forever buddy," wrote @4evaamberlea. "I feel you buddy." We feel you, too! Whether big or small, every animal deserves love and relaxation. And by the looks of it--this water buffalo is immensely relaxed!

At first, @serenitynow86 asked if the animal was OK, but Erin replied, "she’s fine, just loving the attention." We'd be loving that kind of attention, too! A gentle cuddle can go a long way, and this interaction is the perfect proof.

Who knows--this little boy just might grow up to be a veterinarian or animal masseuse! Just like @theclearchannelcoach said, Erin's son shows "such empathy" at such a young age. It's honestly impressive and oh-so-sweet!

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