Little boy surprises dad with the one thing he’ll never do to his future wife: ‘Gotta play this at his wedding’

This dad on TikTok shared a hilarious video of his son explaining that while he’ll love his wife as much as his dad loves his mom, there’s one aspect of their relationship he doesn’t plan to imitate.

It’s no secret that kids are nothing if not honest. TikToker and parent Daniel (@constructiondadof4) can attest to this notion from a recent video he shared featuring his son Isaac promising to one day love his wife just like his dad loves his mom, but, unlike his father, he won’t be patting her on the butt, and his marriage stipulation has viewers cracking up all over TikTok.

The clip opens with a shot of Isaac in the front seat of his dad’s car while looking at a small drawing. Daniel explains that Isaac’s mom made that for him, along with a few other small items he likes to keep in his truck to look at when he’s feeling sad or stressed.

“I hope my wife makes me something like that,” Isaac sweetly responds. “Oh, I bet you she will. Because, you’re going to treat your wife like I treat mommy,” Daniel affirms.

After briefly pondering over his dad’s statement, Isaac replies, “Except for the—” before smacking his hand on his leg. “What?” Daniel asks, unsure of what his son is trying to say. “Spanking on the butt,” Isaac clarifies.

“Oh, you’re not going to spank your wife’s butt?” Daniel asks, amused, to which his son immediately replies, “No!”

“Well, to each their own,” Daniel retorts. Isaac continues staring at his dad with a baffled expression. “What? It is what it is, man,” Daniel says in response to his son’s disapproving stare at the end of the video.

Viewers took to the comments to crack a few jokes and share similar conversations with their kids.

“My son told me he’s just going to adopt, so he never has to do ‘that adult thing’ with his wife,” one parent shared.

“He’s still totally in the ‘girls are awkward’ stage,” said one TikToker.

“Gotta play this at his wedding,” one viewer suggested.

Isaac may be a long way from getting married, but you’re never too young to learn the importance of love and respect.

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