Little boy’s girlfriend gets mad when she sees mom’s note in lunchbox: ‘[It’s] already starting’

This little boy’s girlfriend got mad when she saw a note his mom left in his lunch box that read “I love you, babe.”

There’s nothing quite like the whirlwind of young love. Just ask TikToker and parent Katelynn Harvey (@katelynnharvey1), who recently shared a hilarious video of her besotted little boy recalling his tumultuous lunchtime when the note she put in his lunch box with “I love you, babe” written on it didn’t sit too well with his girlfriend, and viewers are losing it over his weary reaction.

The clip, captioned “Already starting,” opens with a shot of the little boy sporting a backwards baseball cap while he sits on a couch and plays on his iPad.

“Did you eat all your lunch?” Harvey asks her son, who slowly looks up from his iPad with a worn-out expression and replies matter-of-factly, “No, actually, because my girlfriend was sitting right across from me, and you put a note that says ‘I love you, babe.’”

Awaiting her response, the little boy gives Harvey a sideways glance. “Because I put a note in your lunch box that said, ‘I love you, babe?’” she asks her son, who confirms with an immediate, “Yes!”

“Your girlfriend got mad?” Harvey inquires further. With his head resting on his hand, the dazed little boy’s eyes widen as he reaffirms the play-by-play to his mother at the end of the video.

Viewers took to the comments to crack a few jokes and share their relationship advice for the elementary school sweethearts.

“Little man just changed his Facebook status to ‘It’s complicated,’” one user joked.

“When he said, ‘No, actually,’ I knew the story was about to get good,” mentioned one TikToker.

“Thank God you didn’t put a Ring Pop in there,” one viewer commented.

Who knew that elementary school could have as much drama as a soap opera?

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