Little Boy Denies Putting on Sister’s Makeup in Hilarious Video


A little boy was caught red-handed playing with his big sister’s makeup, and his response is adorable. (Photo: Getty Images)

Three-year-old Hux looks gorgeous, and he knows it, but he won’t spill his beauty secrets. When his mom, Melissa McKenzie of Brisbane, Australia, caught the little guy red-handed (literally) after playing with his 17-year-old sister’s makeup, he wouldn’t fess up any details.

So like many moms would do, she whipped out her phone to capture this cute moment. In a video McKenzie posted on YouTube, Hux immediately admits that he thinks he looks pretty, but as soon as his mom asks if he went through his big sister Skylah’s makeup, he goes into complete denial.

“Did you put lipstick on?” his mom asks. “No,” he says. “Did you put some mascara on?” she says, to which he adorably replies, “No, I didn’t.”

With lipstick all around his mouth and on his hands and arms and what seems to be mascara on his eyebrows, Hux attempts to hide the makeup brushes behind his back as his mom tries to get to the bottom of the mess.

“So what’s that on your hand?” McKenzie asks. Hux had an answer prepared: “No it wasn’t.”

OK, so we’re sticking with denial here.

When Hux’s mom asks who he thinks did it, Hux blames it on sister Skylah. “That was naughty to put it on me,” he says, making an excellent point.

McKenzie told Daily Mail Australia that this isn’t the first time her son has been caught having fun with his sister’s makeup. “He does it all the time, and he says, ‘I’m going to get beautiful.’”

And he absolutely does.

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