Little boy’s bracelet doesn’t say what he thinks it says, and mom is in stitches

A little boy’s literacy level led to a hilarious misunderstanding with his mom over a word bracelet.

TikTok mom @cheddarblob went viral when she shared a video of her young son’s accidental dirty joke. The kid made an honest mistake when he found a beaded bracelet in his grandmother’s room and put it on.

His mom asked him if he knew what the statement meant, and, well, it’s nice to know kids are still innocent these days.

Her son proudly held up his wrist to reveal a bracelet that read “c** fart.” But when she asked him what he thought it said, he replied, “comfort.”

The mother understandably couldn’t stop laughing. Meanwhile, he just wasn’t old enough to understand why. Oh, but someday he certainly will, and he’ll have this video for posterity.

The video racked up 12.8 million views and 1.8 million likes.

“Keep that. Then on his wedding day, you give it to the bride as ‘something old,'” a user suggested.

“Ok logging off now. This wins today,” someone added.

“His future video game username,” another joked.

“Obviously it’s funny, but if think it’s sweet he wanted the word comfort on a bracelet,” a person said.

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