Little boy adorably hypes mom up when she lifts ‘heaviest box in the world’

Mom’s son was the perfect hype man exactly when she needed it.

TikTok mom Caitlynne Curtis has a cheerleader in her son Jonah. When the mom was trying to move a heavy box, Jonah may have been too small to help lift, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t help in another way. The young son narrated Curtis’ Olympic-level perseverance to give the supermom the boost she needed to get the job done.

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“Caitlynne Curtis, my mother, being like a superhero,” Jonah said. “Lifting the heaviest box in the world. She lifted that. She picked that up.”

Curtis was in the middle of trying to get a giant flat box of furniture containing a dining set from the parking lot to her home. The box recommended two people lift it, but that was no match for Jonah’s supermom.

“See, I don’t need no man!” Curtis declared, out of breath.

First, she tried to lift the heavy item. Then she pushed and pulled the box, rolling it on the pavement to get where she needed to go.

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“She’s going in. She’s going in,” the boy said. ” She’s doing everything she can with her own might. That’s a good suggestion. She has a good strategy. Good, good, good strategy.”

The hilarious video racked up 2.7 million views.

“I need someone to hype me up like that,” a user commented.

“This kid does better commentating this than most sports commentators,” another wrote.

“I need to return my kid. I need this kind of energy,” a person joked.

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