Lisa Rinna Likened to 'Stranger Things' Character Over New Hairstyle

'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' alum debuted a polarizing new look at Paris Fashion Week.

Lisa Rinna has been sporting the same shaggy cropped 'do for over 20 years. She surprised fans when she decided to switch it up while attending the Vivienne Westwood show for Paris Fashion Week.

But there was something strange about the new hair.

Her fans realized Rinna's retro hairstyle made her look like Stranger Things' Will Byers. The tweets and Instagram comments were ruthless.

"Will Byers??? Living his best life," commented fan Coco Isaacs on Rinna's Instagram post revealing the controversial look.

"Will has truly evolved from his gay panic crying in the van moment," added fan Brittany Dupont, referencing the viral meme featuring the Netflix character.

Queens of Bravo hilariously tweeted, "BREAKING: Lisa Rinna has taken over the role as Will Byers for the final season of Stranger Things! Congrats!"

Another fan pointed out on Twitter that Lisa Rinna was "giving Will Slayers," sharing a "yassified" image of Noah Schnapp, who plays Will, side-by-side with Rinna for comparison.

Will Byers wasn't the only character Rinna was compared to.

Others pointed out that she resembled Coconut Head from the 2000s Nickelodeon series Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.

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…And Arcade's henchwoman Miss Locke from the X-Men comics.

She was also likened to Maya Erskine's character in PEN15.

Hilariously, while Rinna was taking on the Will Byers look, a TV character appeared onscreen with a hairdo that's just like the one Rinna's known for.

Some Daisy Jones & The Six viewers pointed out that Timothy Olyphant's wig on the Amazon Prime show looked just like Rinna's hair.

However, Rinna's taken the attention on her polarizing look in stride, sharing on her Instagram story a painting a fan made of it. Those who hated the look can at least sigh in relief knowing Rinna only donned the controversial style for the fashion show, and swiftly returned to the cut we know and love.

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