What Was Lisa Marie Presley's Net Worth at the Time of Her Death?

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Find out how much Lisa Marie Presley inherited from Elvis and how much she made from Graceland.

Lisa Marie Presley's net worth was shocking at the time of her passing.

The "Lights Out" singer died at age 54 on Jan. 12, 2023, just days after Austin Butler won a Golden Globe for playing her famous father Elvis Presley.

The only child of the King of Rock 'n' Roll, Lisa Marie struggled with life in and out of the spotlight, and in her later years struggled financially as well.

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How did Lisa Marie Presley become famous?

Lisa Marie Presley is the daughter of Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley. Elvis died when Lisa Marie was just 9 years old. She grew up to be the spitting image of her famous father, as well as an accomplished musician and celebrity in her own right that kept her in the spotlight: She released her debut album, To Whom It May Concern, in 2003, featuring the single "Lights Out" about the death of her father.

Lisa Marie was also famous for her personal life, including marriages to Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage. Her first marriage to musician Danny Keough in 1988 helped her continue her generational fame through her daughter Riley Keough, who went on to become a certified movie star.

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What was Lisa Marie Presley's net worth in 2023?

Somewhat shockingly, Lisa Marie Presley's net worth in 2023 was estimated to be $-16 million.

Lisa Marie sold an 85% stake in Elvis Presley Enterprises to CKX, the same company that owned American Idol, in 2005, but the business venture failed. In 2011, CKX sold to a private equity firm and put the licensing rights to Elvis' likeness and estate on the market, which Authentic Brands Group purchased for $145 million, Rolling Stone reported.

As a result of the disastrous deal, Lisa Marie sued her former business manager, who she accused of squandering her $100 million fortune through negligence and mismanagement. Her ex-manager countersued her for $800,000 in unpaid fees and alleged that it was Lisa Marie's lavish lifestyle that contributed most to her financial ruin.

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How much money did Lisa Marie Presley inherit?

At the time of Elvis' death in 1977, his estate was worth about $5 million (roughly $25.4 million in today's dollars). Lisa Marie Presley inherited her father's estate when she turned 25 years old in 1993. At the time, the value of Elvis' estate had fluctuated, but was worth close to or more than $120 million, as Priscilla resurrected the business by making Graceland a tourist attraction that has raked in about $15 million annually since it opened in 1982.

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Does Lisa Marie still own Graceland?

Lisa Marie owned Graceland at the time of her death in January 2023.

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Does Lisa Marie make money from Graceland?

At the time of her passing, Lisa Marie still profited from tourism of Graceland, though the business suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In court documents obtained by The Blast in November 2022, Lisa Marie reported earning $4,361 per month as an employee of Graceland.

How much money does Lisa Marie Presley make a year?

Lisa Marie Presley's annual income fluctuated greatly throughout her life. In November 2022, she reportedly earned $104,000 per month from Elvis Presley Enterprises, plus $4,361 monthly as a Graceland "employee." As such, she was looking at an annual income at that time of about $1.3 million.

She also still owned 15% of Elvis Presley Enterprises at the time of her passing.

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Who owns the royalties to Elvis Presley's music?

Contrary to popular belief, Elvis Presley's estate doesn't own the royalties to Elvis Presley's music. Rolling Stone reports that in 1973, Elvis' then-manager, Col. Tom Parker, arranged for Elvis to sell his entire catalog for $5.4 million to cover a gambling debt. As such, his estate doesn't profit from most of his releases, including his biggest hits, but they do earn money from copyrights of some of the tracks Elvis covered.

What is Graceland worth today?

The value of Graceland specifically is unclear, but it's the biggest money maker for Elvis Presley's estate to date. The property boasts an entertainment complex, hotel and museum in addition to the mansion itself, generating an estimated $150 million in revenue for the city of Memphis annually.

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